First Appointment

Most of our routine appointments last about 15 minutes.

It’s a good idea to come to your appointment prepared with a list of issues you would like to discuss. Many of our patients find that it is helpful to put this list in priority order, as you may need another appointment in order to cover everything on your list.

Bring your insurance card.   *You will be asked to show your insurance card at every visit.

Bring a list of medications your child takes.

Bring a current copy of immunizations.

In order to provide the best care, our physicians will need to know your child’s immunization status prior to administering  any vaccinations.

Bring a copy of your child’s medical history.

To enable our physicians to best know your child, having a complete copy of your child’s record is most helpful.


No one likes to spend time in a waiting room filling out paperwork. Please download the following forms, fill them out at your leisure, and bring them with you to your first appointment.

Be prepared to pay a co-payment if this is required by your health plan.

If you are not sure if your health plan requires a co-payment or how much the co-payment will be, please call them prior to your appointment. It is also a good idea to call your health plan prior to your appointment if you have any questions about which services are covered by your health plan. Please note that you will be responsible for payment for any services not covered by your health plan.




One Time Only

Record Release

Pediatric History

Immunization Registry*

Opt Out Immunization Registry *(Only if above document not chosen)


Once a Year*

*Any changes on information should be updated at the next visit.


Financial Agreement

Consent to Treatment

Notice to Privacy Practice


Well Visits, 15 – 18 Months



Well Visits, 11 Years & Up

Presports Participation


Consent for Non-Custodial Adult

Consent to Treatment