You will be responsible for paying a portion of your doctor visits. Depending on your health plan, this may be a co-payment paid at each visit, or a bill that you receive after your visits to the doctor. Please contact your health plan for details on how your portion of the payment is handled. Your doctor’s office can also help explain the payment process to you, so please ask!

If you have the type of plan that allows doctors to bill you directly, after your visits to the doctor you will receive bills that show you:

  • the total cost of the services and/or procedures performed
  • the amount your insurance was billed
  • the amount for which you are responsible

Please note that one visit may include multiple charges on your bill. This is simply because different portions of your visit are given by different billing codes. Your health plan determines the amount for which your are responsible. If you have any questions about your bill, please call the phone number listed on your bill. Depending on your health plan, you may also receive an “Explanation of Benefits” from your health plan.

For hospital visits or other outpatient procedures, you may receive multiple bills for different portions of the same event. For example, the doctor who treated you may send you a bill and the hospital may also send you a bill. This is because the physician portion of your care and the office portion (nurses, technicians, and medical supplies) must be billed separately.

Please direct all billing inquiries and account questions to: 

John Muir Physician Network Central Billing Office

Dept 34789

P.O. Box 39000

San Francisco, CA 94139

(925) 952-2828